Cyndercake at Wonderpets 4 Art Show

Vivian Nguyen (Cyndercake) is one of the participating artists for Wonderpets 4, "a pet themed art show where pets are our superheroes!" This art show is curated by Leanna Lin and Miranda Dressler to help raise funds for the North Central Shelter through Better Together Forever. 

Promotional poster for Wonderpets 4 Art Show.

As one of the artists, I contributed two special art pieces inspired by my Shih Tzu named Coco. It is a digital illustration with gold embellishments in a handpainted frame. Coco loves to take naps and every time she does, she reminds me of a "Sleeping Beauty". I decided to include a fancy velvet chair that she sits on to resemble her as "royalty". Ultimately, I wanted to draw Coco in my own art style as I begin to create more characters for Cyndercake. So, this was a good way for me to start! 

I am so happy that both of my art pieces sold in less than 24 hours of the opening event! Thank you to the kind souls who adopted them and for helping to support a wonderful cause. 


Art pieces submitted by Vivian Nguyen of Cyndercake.

Wonderpets 4 Art Show runs from August 6th to September 11th, so be sure to stop by to see all of the wonderful pieces in the show! Thank you again to Leanna for inviting me as one of the artists, it was a pleasure & I look forward to the upcoming ones. 


Leanna Lin (left) & Vivian Nguyen (right)

Cyndercake at Wonderpets 4 Art Show
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