Cyndercake at Maido Stationery Store!

February 2022 marks the very first time that Cyndercake merchandise is being carried at a brick-and-mortar retail store!

One of my goals this year as a small artist and business owner is to be able to have my products be carried in a local store in my city, San Francisco! I am excited to announce that you can now shop for my items at the Maido Stationery Store (1st Floor Level) located at the Japantown Center Mall in San Francisco. 

Shop for pins, stickers, keychains, plush toys and notebooks if you are ever in the area! Of course, you can still shop directly with me online too! 

Check out the TikTok video I made to capture the experience

Want to carry my products in your shop? Apply here

Cyndercake at Maido Stationery Store!
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