About Cyndercake


We create products to enjoy the things you love and to celebrate everything & anything cute! 

About Vivian

Hi, I'm Vivian! Cyndercake is my small business based in the Bay Area, California that I started as a creative outlet when I was in nursing school. Through studying in college and creating online content, I slowly but steadily grew Cyndercake as a side business. Eventually, I want to pursue Cyndercake that will align with my nursing career in Children's Hospitals / Pediatric Unit.

Our Story

The name "Cyndercake" was founded in 2009. But in 2012, I began to make YouTube videos of toy reviews and have garnered over 75,000 subscribers.

In 2020, I expanded Cyndercake as an online shop where I can create my own product line of original character designs and sell imported merchandise from Japan! Now, I am consistently working on creating new Cyndercake products and wholesaling to other small businesses who support my brand. 

Our Characters

Meet Vivi-Bear!

She is a cute and fluffy bear that is named after the artist (me)! Vivi is short for Vivian and her birthday is also on the same day as mine, July 4th. She loves to make friends and dress up! Vivi-Bear was born from a magical burst of flame from a firework spark in the sky, which resembles the sparkles that you see in her eyes. As she always says, "Share your sparkle to those who are kind."

July 4
Horoscope Sign
Favorite Things to do
Shopping and Playing Dress-up
Favorite Color
Pink and Blue
Favorite Fruit

Meet Sweetie Shiba! 

She is an adorable puppy from a breed called, Shiba Inu. Sweetie Shiba was raised by a family of cats, which is why she kind of looks and acts like one. You can probably describe her as the "cat version of a dog". Sweetie Shiba loved her family, but often times felt like she didn't fit in. One night, she made a wish upon a shooting star in hopes that she can go on a new adventure to find a new friend who will love her just as much. Her wish came true and was later found by Vivi-Bear in a pile of star dust.

January 11
Horoscope Sign
Favorite Things to do
Take warm bubble baths
Favorite Color
Favorite Fruit

Cyndercake in Stores

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Interested in working with us? If you are a retailer who supports our brand and would love to carry our products in your store, please apply here. You can also send us an email to vivian@cyndercake.com 

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