Cyndercake on Business Insider Article

Being a full-time college student and an entrepreneur definitely has its struggles, but I am so grateful for having the opportunity to make sales that has allowed me to afford expensive college tuition and to meet wonderful people. No matter how easy it may seem, nothing comes easy and it seriously takes a lot of dedication and time to continue growing. 

Today, I was featured on the latest Business Insider Article to share my experience on Live-Streaming Apps and shared tips on how to become successful. 

Here are some screen caps of images that are included in the article! 

It is so crazy to see that I once started as a squishy collector filming YouTube videos in my room to becoming a business of toys and my own merchandise! I am excited to continue bringing in new products and to keep doing my best! 

You can read the article here:


Cyndercake on Business Insider Article
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